Hands-on Computer Coding

Homeschool Computer Coding Curriculum

Want to bring coding into your homeschool curriculum but have no clue how to code yourself?

A new online product called CSJumpstartr will help kids get started quickly with computer science and coding in Scratch*.

Kids Can Start a Project Right Away

CSJumpstartr is especially well suited to homeschooling families and is best used with elementary and middle school aged students.

CSJumpstartr is an online, engaging, web-based learning environment. Because it is built around templates, your child can begin to create fun, meaningful projects immediately using the popular Scratch* graphical programming language.

Project-based Computer Science

Kids log in, pick a template, and start creating immediately. Parents don’t need to be coders themselves to bring coding into their curriculum.

Templates enable kids to create quizzes, slideshows, and interactive presentations while learning and using the code.

Use their coding projects as a fun new way to “show what they know”.

Perfect for Homeschooling

  • Self Directed
  • Integrated
  • Hands-on
  • Project Based

It’s self-directed; kids create their projects independently with support from our built-in step-by-step guidance.

It’s integrated; exposure to Scratch and the fundamentals of coding occurs naturally as a child builds their project.

Try it Free for 14 Days

Get a 14 day FREE trial at their WEBSITE.

Try it out with no risk, and purchase it now for the discounted launch price of only $39.99.

Get it Free

CSJumpstartr will refund a customer’s cost after they refer three friends who also purchase the program. You can get the program to use with your kids with no cost to you.

Learn More

Check out the video:

Visit their website: http://www.csjumpstartr.com/

Try a free trial!

* CSJumpstartr is developed independently of the MIT Scratch Team, which produces the Scratch programming language and online community. See http://scratch.mit.edu

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