Struggling to Learn How to Tie Shoes

You may be surprised to know that lots of children struggle with learning to tie their shoes. One of the Facebook communities I am a member of had a huge discussion going about this and many parents shared that they had given up and bought velcro shoes for their older kids who were still unable to grasp how to tie their own shoes.

Bunny Ears – Not!

Some older children have motor skill or coordination challenges while others have difficulty remembering all the steps involved.

Some kids just can’t follow your instructions. Whatever the reason for the delay, the result is that they can become frustrated or embarrassed.

I tried all the ways I could think of to teach one of my children how to tie their shoes. Including showing them how to make bunny ears! I even had a little story that went with it – to no avail!

This video shows the method that finally “clicked” for them and ended their mortification. (and mine)

Occupational therapist, Keri Wilmot has a great video that demonstrates.

She offers tips that can help your child overcome their frustration & succeed!


Shoe Tying Trick