10 Resources for Students With Special Needs

Homeschooling & Special Needs

Students with special needs are homeschooling too, and I often get questions from parents about what is out there to help them, so I made a list of some great resources I found. Some of the tools I found are free apps or apps that you can download and purchase for your handheld devices, phones or iPad.

Because parents who bring their students home are many times, taking on the full expenses of educating their students themselves, I think it is great that when I looked around the websites, many of them had free trials so that you can see if the product is helping your student prior to purchasing.

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Also, the tools are for students with different types of needs and some of them are useful for more than one purpose, so I am just using the term Special Needs generally to describe what you will find when you visit the links on the list.

I hope you will check the links out and let me know if you find any of them helpful. Please leave a comment to share resources that you like (or didn’t) so that other parents can benefit from your experiences.

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  1. Can we add resources to the list that are not exclusive to NC?

    • Merit Kirkpatrick says:

      Yes, if they are helpful to parents in NC than I would be glad to include them here- I won’t include expensive vacation trips packages or announcements about rentals though.

  1. January 11, 2021

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