Testing Requirements

In North Carolina, an annual standardized test should be administered to all Homeschooled students from the age of  until their graduation from your Homeschool Program.

Those tests must measure achievement in the areas of :

  • English Grammar
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Mathematics

According to the HSLDA Website:

“Parents must administer an annual standardized test (§ 115C-564) any time during the school year which must be made available on request “for inspection” by the state. “For one year after the testing, all records shall be made available … at the principal office of such school, at all reasonable times, for annual inspection by a duly authorized representative of the State of North Carolina.” (§ 115C-549 or § 115C-557).

Although the Division of Nonpublic Education has attempted to perform home visits under this provision, the law gives its officials no right to enter homes or to inspect any records besides test scores. There is also no statutory requirement for parents to attend regional meetings arranged by the Division of Nonpublic Education for the purpose of reviewing their records. Copies of testing results can be simply mailed to the Division of Non-Public Education upon request. “


The NC Statutes that pertain to Homeschools can be read here:


Review the “Links” section of North Carolina’s Homeschool-ology website (Page one), you can find companies that provide testing materials that meet the standards of the NC statues.


Additional Testing Information Can be Found on our Website:

Forsyth County

 Wake County

Raleigh Testing

Woodcock-Johnson Testing- Sean Hill

PES Direct- Testing in the Piedmont 


27 comments on “Testing Requirements
  1. Katina says:

    I just st art ed the process to start homeschooling my daughter. I chose part 2 (non religious) of article 39. Now I’ve changed my mind. I want to do part 1 (religious ). Do I need to wait till everything is finished or can I do it now? If so how do I do it?


  2. diana says:

    Do I have to notify each year my intent to continue homeschooling? I began homeschooling last year, from my understanding from the nc nonpublic webpage was that I didnt have to notify each year only beginning or ending homeschool. But was asking to know for sure.


    • Merit K says:

      Hi Diana – you do not need to notify the Division unless you are closing your homeschool. You can check and update your homeschool listing online at their website each year (voluntary) but you don’t need to notify them every year that you are continuing to homeschool. Hope your new school year is going great :)


  3. Karen says:

    This will be our first year of home education and I’m a tiny bit nervous about the test. Our instruction starts on August 1. I self-scheduled us to order in February and administer in the end of March. Is that a good idea or should I wait until we have completed 9 months? I know to do it at the same time each year, but when is best?

    I plan to have someone outside of the household administer the test, such as a friend or maybe our librarian. Is it better or more respected to have an institution administer it? I’ve herd good things about the CAT, but is it appropriate for secular education? Should/can I order a pre-test?

    Many thanks,


  4. Pamela says:

    Academic Excellence offers an end of year California Achievement test for students with special needs. It can be taken at the student’s pace, divided into as many testing segments as necessary. Completely student-paced. Scoring is immediate, and the can tailor the testing to your student’s need (3rd grade math, 5th grade reading). I just used it for my dyslexic daughter. It was amazing. Cost $20, and practice test was only $5.


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  5. Ana Henry says:

    Hi My daughter is ending her 2nd year in homeschooling now. She finished 4th grade in public school and she was on a IEP program for learning disability. We tested last year with a 4th/5th grade test.
    My question: Is there a test that she can take for the end of this school year that is suitable for a child with a learning disabilities and dyslexia. I also feel that we should do 6th grade over again and if so will the ncdnpe allow us to test a 6th grade for 2 years, this year and for next year? I feel she would really benefit and another question is there any help for homeschooling parents with children and learning disabilities in western NC?


    • Merit K says:

      Hi Ana~ It is my understanding that many experts recommend the primarily oral test the Woodcock Johnson test, especially for students with special needs. The test is administered by a teacher or other administrator one on one and I believe the admin can make accommodations as needed for your student. More information on testing and on consulting in Western Carolina – you could look at Smoky Mountain Academic Resources and Training (S.M.A.R.T.) group: they do testing and I beleive consulting as well: http://www.smarttesting.net/index.html I hope this helps- if you find another group that is doing testing in your area, I would love to know about them so I can add them to our resources. I do not hear a lot from the Western side of our state :) WNC is a support group in Asheville Area: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/WNC-Homeschoolers/info and you may find that the parents there have recommdations for you too!


  6. Ginger says:

    I have been homeschooling for years, but with new changes comes questions. With this new process of being able to update our info online instead of the annual cards being sent out, are we still required to send in the copies of our children’s records (test results and attendance form) to NCDNPE by June 30th? I guess this was considered “Inspection By Mail”…does that still exist? I have looked all over the site, but no success finding any info. I was trying to avoid the call, so I was hoping you could help.


    • Merit K says:

      HI Ginger- thanks for the great question! The new procedure of reporting online is simply to update information on your homeschool. The NC state law on homeschooling actually never required home educators to submit tests or test scores to the state. Just like private schools, administrators are still required to keep records including: a record of an annually required, nationally normed test that meets NC requirements, record of immunizations and attendance. Previously NC’s Division of Non-public schools chose to request those tests and attendance records of parents who taught at home, but the law did not state that parents needed to do anything other than have the records available at their homeschool. The new Director of NCDNPE has improved the ease of use of the website and may also request information in that online survey that is not required of us by law, such as number of our students, and/or their ages, but again, it is the homeschool parent’s choice as to how much info. they give online. Just as before, there will be parents who are very comfortable giving out a maximum of information on their homeschools, and there will be those who chose to comply with the requirements of the law only. It is really your personal choice as to how much “reporting” you do, but do not send your test scores to the NCDNPE even if you did so previously. It gives them one less thing to shred this year :)


  7. Vanessa Westley says:

    is it to late to began homeschooling. I am totally against eog testing.


    • Merit K says:

      Hi Vanessa, you can begin your homeschool any time during the school year. It all depends upon your student’s situation as to when you make that final decision. If your child is, like some public school children are, totally stressed by the NC EOG testing and you want to begin before that time, you need to make sure that you get your Notice of Intent to Homeschool to the NCDNPE right away and be certain that the school knows your intentions. I would be sure to put my student’s withdrawal information along with my new homeschool number in writing- that way you don’t need to be worried about truancy issues. Lots of families home educate during summer, so if your child is behind her peers, you can use the summer time for some educational day trips, visits to the library for good reading material and getting involved with a homeschool support group so that you will be ready for the new “school year”. Here is the link to NC’s Division of Non-public education where you will find info on what you need to do to get started: http://www.ncdnpe.org/registration/hhh110a.aspx


  8. Lance Abbot says:

    Hi everyone. With our state requirement for achievement testing I am always searching for the best available option. I just used http://www.academicexcellence.com for the first time and it is by far the best I’ve found. I found a discount code too (FIRSTCAT) that made my test only $20. I’m really amazed that they’re offering it so inexpensively. It was so day to take that I think they could charge a lot more (but don’t tell them that!). I’m not sure how long that coupon code is good for, but their site says even if you buy now you have a year to use the test. Hope this helps!


  9. yve says:

    Hi what do I do if I missed the end of the year test this year? Will I get in a lot of trouble? How can I make this up?


    • Merit K says:

      Hi there- The NC laws require annual testing. It is my opinion that the law is saying you need to test within one year of your submission on the Notice of Intent to Homeschool. Many homeschoolers think they are late because they use the end of the school year as their testing date. It is fine to pick a testing date each year, but check the date on your NOI- you may not be late at all yet. If you are, just get the tests done quickly and keep the record available in case the NCDNPE wants to see that you have met the requirement. You can even take the tests online at Christian Liberty Press, who offers CAT tests. The tests results are quick (by email) and then you can move into your new school year without worry! The NCDNPE reps seem very considerate and understanding and I have never heard of anyone getting into “trouble” for getting overwhelmed and a little behind on yearly testing. I am pretty sure that they will be reasonable if for some reason they need to check your records and they see the date is off by a bit- but do go get them done ASAP so that you can meet the laws requirements and so that it is off your mind :)


  10. Audra Clyne says:

    I forgot to ask..what grades do homeschoolers in nc test at or is it all grades?


    • Merit K says:

      Hi Audra- Please just know that it will all be fine. NC Homeschoolers do need to test once a year. Use a nationally normed test. You can order standardized tests from several testing services (see our sidebar on this website under testing) including PES direct http://www.pesdirect.com/Products/CAT5.html (CAT5) or BJU http://www.bjupress.com/testing/. They will mail them right to your home. You can even get a test online at http://www.shopchristianliberty.com/testing-service/. Even though you may have missed last year’s testing, I am sure your kids will do fine. The NCDNPE website can be hard to read, but the employees are very understanding. If you are asked by them about your testing, you just need to explain your situation. Let me know if you have questions.


      • Audra Clyne says:

        Thank you for your advice and help. I was worried about missing that first test, especially since my son has been at college level since he was 13.. The schools refused to pass him up even though he completed all work for his grade, the grade above and the next grade. When they ran out of work to give him, they just let him read in class. He was apart of the talented and gifted program and was suppose to meet the president but I pulled him out of school since the school insisted on keeping him at the same level. He has since been given college course work from the college courses I take to keep him interested in school. He wants to attend college now but the college says he must be at least 16, which he will be in April. I have been worried out of my mind on making sure he stays ahead of the game since he refuses to do anything he finds to be remedial. Also, do you know how I go about getting him his license? How do I homeschool drivers ed and get him a permit?


      • Merit K says:

        Hi again Audra- Driver’s Ed question: contact your local public high school and have them direct you to whoever is in charge of their DE. Once he is signed up for their classes, they are really helpful in figuring out which steps to take and when. When you are ready to apply for your Driver’s Eligibility Certificate you will go here : http://www.ncdnpe.org/DECRequestForm.aspx – you need your homeschool ID# to get one sent to you.


    • Merit K says:

      Testing must be done annually for homeschoolers.


  11. Audra Clyne says:

    I didn’t know about the tests so missed lasts years and am late for this years.. I just started teaching next level up automatically. I did private testing with free eogs released online to make sure I was covering everything..once at the beginning, once in The middle and once at the end of ths school year to make sure they stayed on track. Where can I get home tests from? I need for 5th 6th 8th 9th to make up for last year and this year. I started homeschooling in January of last year so figured the school EOG counted but was told it does not even the they tested out of their grade level. I didn’t get a whole lot of help with being a first time homeschooler..everyone acted like it was a state secret and gave me vague advice or sent me to the god AWEFUL ncdnpe site which makes little to no sense to me. I. Dyslexic so I teach I a unique fashion. It affects comprehension when there is just to much information jammed I to tiny print. I prefer strait forward lists of what I need to do.


  12. Karen Dew says:

    I am confused about where to have my 6th grader tested so she can proceed to the 7th grade and will most likely be returning to public school in the fall. I need help!


    • Merit K says:

      Hi Karen- Your student can be tested anywhere, including in your own home for the end of her homeschool year. The tests home educators are required to give yearly are Standardized and Nationally Normed tests and are not a PASS/FAIL test such as the end of grade (EOG) testing in NC public schools. If you are planing on her returning to public school for 7th grade, you might want to consider having someone else test her, so that the schools may be more likely to put her back on grade level. They trust the “objectivity” of an outside testor more than they do the testing of a parent. You need to have the test done annually to fulfill the requirements of our state to homeschool, but remember, the public schools may require additional placement exams anyway. With all that in mind, if I were in your situation, I would look for an independent tester in my area for her year end test and choose one that the schools do use and trust such as the Woodcock-Johnson III. Depending on how friendly your school district is to home educators, you might be able to find out from them if they will accept your year end independant testing in lieu of other entrance exams for her 7th grade. I hope this gives you some guidance and help- I wish her well in her return to Public School this fall :)


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