Homeschool Classes

Davie County Homeschool Classes

Small Classes With an Experienced Teacher in Advance, NC Gretchen McKenzie will teach middle and high school classes […]


Co-op in Greensboro

Register Now for Fall Classes. EMMA (Enriching, Mentoring, Mastering, and Achieving) offers classes for students in grades K through 12. They offer core classes and

Co-operative Classes in Guilford County

Maybe your homeschool needs some "spicing up" and you are just too worn out to keep on being creative. Perhaps your students are longing for more social interaction then they are getting. You may want to check the NC Homeschool-ology side bar for a homeschool support group, or check Yahoo to see if there are any online support groups getting together for field trips and play-dates...or you may want to think about joining and helping out with a co-op. These are classes either taught by, or organized by a group of parents who (just like you) teach their kids at home.