Still Time to Audition for Capital City Girls Choir

Capital City Girls Choir

The Capital City Girls Choir (CCGC) is a vocal and music training program for girls from Raleigh, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

The Capital City Girls Choir is part of the community outreach program of the School of Music at Meredith College and includes a Girls Chorus for beginners (9-12 years old), a Girls Chorale for singers in the intermediate choir range (middle school and early high school) and the Cantabile Singers which is made up of young ladies in upper middle school and high school and is considered the advanced choir.

The choir was founded in 1987 and remains one of the nation’s premier choral music education programs for young people.

Choirs meet for training weekly and students learn musicianship, theory, and group vocals.

The choirs give concerts at Meredith and throughout the local community. Over the years they have been invited to sing at prestigious choral festivals regionally, nationally, and internationally and even performed at the NC Governor’s mansion.


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Students in the Girls chorale and the Cantabile Singers need to be able to travel occasionally for performances. Participation and placement in the choirs is based upon experience and the level of the musicianship of the singer.

Participating in any of the programs requires dedication and beginning choristers will be expected to spend a few years in the Girls Chorus as they master required skills of rhythm, Solfege syllables, and basic music theory.

Once they obtain the skills of an experienced choir member and when the director feels she is prepared, the student may be invited to audition for Chorale or Cantabile.

Tuition Costs

Tuition costs for this wonderful opportunity include a retreat and annual workshop for the Chorale and Cantabile groups and is adjusted accordingly for students who join later in the year. There is a discount for families with more than one participant in the choir.

  • Girls Chorus: $490
  • Girls Chorale: $660
  • Cantabile Singers: $660.00

A 50% deposit is due at registration. Meredith College accounting will email a bill for tuition.

How to Audition

Although, official audition dates have passed, I got a message from Robin, who asked me to let my readers know that the group has some openings and that they will continue to audition girls on September 10 or September 12.

Those who wish to audition, can complete the online form HERE.

If you have further questions, please EMAIL or CLICK HERE to visit their website.

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