Splash UNC 2016

Splash UNC – Chapel Hill

Splash UNC is an educational enrichment program that allows high school students (including homeschool students) to take classes on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus. They will get to sit in on classes created and taught by Carolina students.

Classes will include a variety of interesting topics from chemistry and swing dancing to neuroscience and Harry Potter! Students can choose from more than 120 classes this semester to help students explore their current interests and discover new passions.

The program also provides high schoolers with the opportunity to visit the UNC-Chapel Hill campus and meet some of the university’s most engaged students.

This will be the fourth of these bi-annual programs and it is planned for Saturday, November 12 from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.



The program fee is $15 and lunch is provided.

Financial aid is available to any student who needs financial assistance to attend Splash UNC.

You can pay online when you register by November 5, 2016, or pay the program fee in cash or check on the event day on campus.

Students can also pre-order a Splash UNC t-shirt for $10 at the registration page.

To learn more visit the WEBSITE HERE and register or EMAIL them if you have questions.

Registration closes on November 5, so don’t delay!

Click Below to View the Courses Kids Can Attend on Saturday November 12:



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