Online Homeschool Conference Sessions Today

The 2016 “Not Back to School Summit”

This FREE online conference starts today at NOON, so register now to listen in and learn from these webinars.


Monday, September 12 through Friday, September 23, 2016, you will be able to hear live sessions with speakers on topics of interest to both new and experienced homeschoolers. Ask your questions and get answers for difficult or everyday homeschool situations.

This annual online homeschool conference is presented by the Home Education Council of America and starts at noon (EST) today!


How to Register

You will need to set up a free account and log in to connect to each live session and to navigate through the Summit. Once you are an HECOA member, though, you have access to all their free resources and can simply click to listen to all the online seminars this week.
The sessions are all live, but basic HECOA membership (Free) entitles you to a complimentary 24 hour replay if you miss a live session.
You can find a list of speakers and topics HERE. 
This is two weeks of amazing learning for parents and it is free.
Some topics are presented from the Christian worldview, but it looks like they are pretty easy to pick out and avoid if you are trying to find secular sessions only.
You can learn more about teaching high school, music, math, writing, using unit studies, teaching students with special needs and more.
No trying to set up child care – no expensive accommodations just training and encouragement!

Keynote Session

Foundations for a Triumphant Homeschool  with Dianne McLean – “Being at the forefront of home education, welcoming thousands of new families into this culture and lifestyle each year, I get a first-hand look at why people homeschool, what situations they are facing, and what can leave you stuck at the starting gate. Let’s take a look at this unique opportunity, and what you can do to ensure your children and college-bound students have the best possible foundations in their education – even if you do not have a teaching degree, if your children are gifted or have special needs, or you are looking at homeschooling multiple children. You can do this – it’s all about leverage!”

Other Sessions Today:

  • How to Use Unit Studies to Make Learning Fun! with Nancy Fileccia
  • Soften the Writing Strife with Poetry Teatimes with Julie Bogart
  • I Don’t Have Enough Patience! with Brook Wayne
  • Getting Started – Visions and Variables with Carol Gary

You can also join them on Facebook.

Home Education Council of America moderates the FB group which is private for posts so you can feel free to ask your homeschool questions and share, even though anyone can find the group in a search. All posts are only visible to members of the group and do not show up in your friends newsfeeds. The online support group is diverse. Home educators from all faiths, backgrounds, beliefs, and ideas are welcome and members are expected to be respectful of differences.

I hope you will check out their sessions and let me know what you think. I plan to listen in as much as I am able over the next couple of weeks. I could use a little inspiration.

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