NC Piedmont Triad Homeschool Co-op Round-up 8

Homeschool Classes and Co-ops for the NC Piedmont

Co-ops and classes are part of a great home education in North Carolina. I homeschool in the Piedmont/triad area, so I thought I would start by rounding up the co-op information I have in this area for those who may be searching. Registrations are still open for all these groups, even though some of the classes are filling up. I hope that you will check out this list and if you have information on other groups in this are or in any county in North Carolina, I would love to include them in the resource section, or highlight them here on the website, so please leave me a comment or fill out my information form (see the home page or the menu in the header above).

Without any more delay, here is my homeschool co-op round up:

Hillcrest Homeschool Enrichment

Hillcrest Homeschool Enrichment in the south Kernersville area will have a new member registration meeting for fall 2016 on Friday, July 22, 9:30-10:30 am. HHE classes will meet for 12 weeks on Thursday afternoons. Learn more by reading the statement of faith, FAQ, class descriptions and more. Click here to go to their website. This is a traditional Christian cooperative group which requires a parent to stay and be involved by leading and/or assisting with a class. The following classes still have one or more spots open:

Classes that meet at 1:00

Five in a Row – ages 5-8/K-2nd grades
Show & Tell – ages 5-7 / K-2nd grades
PE – ages 8-10 / 3rd-5th grades
Lego Simple and Powered Machines – grades 3 – high school
Keepers of the Home – ages 9- high school
Chess Club Level I – grades 3- high school
Art – 5th grade – high school
Government – middle/high school

Classes that meet at 2:00

Little House on the Prairie – grades 3-5
Animal Science – grades 3-5
Chess Club Level II – 3rd-12th grades – must have experience playing chess
Drama Club Level II – 5th grade – high school (prerequisite drama I or other approved experience)
Photography Club – grades 6 – high school

Classes that meet at 3:00

PE – grades K-2nd / ages 5-7
Drama Club Level I – 3rd grade-high school
Just Do Something – 6th grade – high school with Pastor Jason

Happy homeschooled students in class.

The Bridge – FHE Homeschool Co-op

The Bridge classes meet each Friday for fifteen weeks during both the Fall & Spring semesters in Winston-Salem, NC. Families must be members of FHE to enroll in Bridge Classes. Registration is open until August 5, but some classes are full. Click here to visit the website for all the details of available classes and to get registration information.

Cornerstone Enrichment

Cornerstone Enrichment is a home school supplemental education tutoring program for motivated, college-bound, high school students. Their goal is to provide a quality, affordable tutorial program, that will prepare students for college. Most classes meet two days a week. Click here to visit the website and get all the details and to find out which classes are full.

High Point Home Educators

Registration is open until August 8, 2016 when classes begin. Some classes are no longer available. LIFE enrichment classes meet each Monday for 14 weeks during both the Fall & Spring semesters. Families must be members of HPHE to enroll. Click here to go to the website for all the details.

Sheridan Studies

Registration will close August 1, 2016. They will be consolidating classes as necessary – some classes may not be available if the minimum (six students) amount of students are not registered, so contact them right away if interested. Sheridan will be offering English, History, Science & Spanish classes next year for middle school students. They will offer Spanish I and Biology for high schoolers. Please click here to go to their website for more information.

River Bend Charlotte Mason Co-op

The co-op meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays from 9 -11:45 a.m. in Lewisville, NC for all school-aged students. Pre-K children are taught separately. Topics covered include: Shakespeare, picture and nature studies, hymns, composers, and poetry studies. For more information about this low-cost ($20 per term per family) Fine Arts Cooperative, email Mandie here.

Friendly Educators

Classes begin August 23. This is a homeschool enrichment program offering yearlong classes for preschoolers to high-schoolers. Classes meet on Tuesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and are taught by moms and dads with expertise in those topics. They meet in Greensboro on Friendly Avenue. Please click here to go to their website for information on classes offered, and how to register.

S.T.E.M. Classes of the Triad

Stem of the Triad classes start September 1, 2016 and will  meet for fourteen weeks. They are offering fun, hands-on courses on science topics including mechanics, robotics, legos, engineering and art classes for all ages. Location is 401 Robbins Road, Winston-Salem 27107. They will continue accepting registration until all their classes are full. You can request to be placed on a wait list. For information, you can visit their website here, or email Katie,

EMMA Classes

Christian co-op group meeting in Greensboro. EMMA  meets in a traditional yearlong schedule on Fridays (some high school classes meet on Tuesdays). If a class is full, you can request to be added to their waiting list and they will notify you of availability. Each parent is expected to volunteer. For more information about their classes, you may click here to see their website, or email, or call 336-358-6102.

Classical Conversations

Classical Conversations is a Christian co-op group that meets at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on Miller Street in Winston-Salem for thirty Mondays: fifteen in the fall, and fifteen in the winter/spring. Classical Conversation employs the classical model of education to teach our students how to learn. To get more information for Challenge A, for students twelve and up, contact Julie Garrett,, for Challenge B, thirteen years and older, please contact Sharon Lawrence, or for Challenge 1, fourteen years and older, contact David Bowman at You can also see more about the CC communities by clicking here.

Faith Academy

Open house is August 22, 2016 and registration for the 2016-2017 school year is open now. Students need to be enrolled by August 31, 2016. FAITH Academy runs two semesters (Fall and Spring) and holds classes 1 day a week for twelve weeks currently on Wednesdays. FAITH stands for Fine Arts Instruction Through History.  Each year a time period of history is taught in a 6 year rotation. Classes are not taught using a specific curriculum, instead they use a hands-on approach to teach and integrate history, art, drama, science, and the music of that time period. To get all the details about their program and their schedule, you may click here to visit their website.

I hope you liked the round-up and if you did, or have any information to add, I hope you will leave me a comment or send me a message. If you homeschool in the Piedmont/Triad area, you might like to join me at the Piedmont Homeschoolers discussion group. We share loads of information there about homeschooling, all kinds of activities, sell our used curriculum and get information on living in this area.

If you want to find out more about alternatives to curriculum based home education or school-at-home, you may want to take a look at the NC Unschoolers forum – Living is Learning.

That’s all for now~ Merit


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8 thoughts on “NC Piedmont Triad Homeschool Co-op Round-up

  • Liz Z

    Hi! I’m a Greensboro-based math teacher, and I’m taking this semester/probably year off to finish my credential in high school math and do some other professional development. I’m tutoring local students too, and I met the family of a high school sophomore who recently decided to study at home instead of at school. She is behind in math, and her father can’t pay me to be with her for an hour or more every school day. I want her to do well, but the two hours a week he can pay me won’t get her where she needs to be.
    I suggested to him that he find a homeschooling group with whom to share resources, but he doesn’t know how.

    So, two questions:
    1. How can this family get connected with other families to share resources?
    2. Do you know of a group that needs a middle or high school math teacher?

    Thank you so much!!

    • Merit Kirkpatrick Post author

      Hi Liz – thanks for connecting with homeschoolers here on Homeschool-ology. The family could take a look at the lists of Co-ops in their area that are listed here on the website (by county)…or they could simply search Google. There are loads of resources including online classes (some are listed here too) that are sometimes less expensive than one-on-one tutoring. I would suggest the same for you if you are trying to find a group that needs a teacher, take a look here at the site for contact information etc. You can also check on Facebook for co-ops in your area. Hope you find what you are looking for & that the student gets the help she needs.

  • Amy

    Hi there – I’m interested in offering piano lessons to homeschoolers, starting this fall. Any idea how I could build a studio of students available during a.m. hours? I am a degreed, Christian instructor with many, many years of experience teaching children, adults, special needs, and even the blind!

    • Merit Kirkpatrick Post author

      Hi Amy – EMAIL ME with your information: location, contact info., services, costs and hours available & I will post your information here. If you have a website or online portfolio, be sure to send me the link, if not, your email & phone# will do too. You will also want to provide that information to local forums (check our list for yahoo groups, Facebook groups) and local homeschool groups. They will want to make sure your information gets to homeschoolers looking for piano lessons 🙂 hope this helps.

  • carey

    this was very helpful. I am interested in connecting with the Forsyth lunchbunchlearners but am so far unable to get to their yahoo group. Do you have any other info as to how to connect with them? Thank you , C. Mason

    • Merit Kirkpatrick Post author

      Hi Carey- I messaged one of the LBL leaders for you. I will PM you once I hear back from her. ~ Merit

  • Cindy Fox

    Thanks for this Merit! There is another co-op, Veritas Classes in Elon, that’s been offering middle and high school classes for about 13 years now. The teachers all either have degrees or experience in their subject, and my children have taken many classes there. They meet Wednesday mornings. You can find out more information about Veritas at The administrator is Dannette Cox. Thanks!