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Political Action Committee

Homeschool PAC, NCCHE, has published the list of candidates they are endorsing. These candidates have earned NCCHE’s endorsement and support due to their pro-homeschool philosophies and/or policies.

Some of the candidates are home educators or former home educators, but NCCHE is endorsing these candidates based on the answers they received to the homeschool policy questionnaire that the candidates were asked to complete.

North Carolina Coalition of Home Educators (NCCHE) Endorsements:

  • Governor – Pat McCrory
  • Lt. Governor – Dan Forest
  • NC Attorney General – Buck Newton
  • NC Auditor – Chuck Stuber
  • NC Commissioner of Agriculture – Steve Troxler
  • NC State Treasury – Dale Folwell
  • NC Supreme Court – Bob Edmunds
  • NC Court of Appeals –
    • Phil Berger Jr.
    • Hunter Murphy
    • Bob Hunter
    • Richard Dietz
    • Valerie Zachery
  • NC House – 

District 6 Beverly Boswell
District 8 Susan Martin
District 10 John Bell
District 13 Patricia McElraft
District 16 Chris Millis
District 17 Frank Iler
District 25 Jeffrey Collins
District 35 Chris Malone
District 36 Nelson Dollar
District 40 Marilyn Avila
District 45 John Szoka
District 46 Brenden Jones
District 53 David Lewis, Sr.
District 55 Mark Brody
District 59 Jon Hardister
District 64 Dennis Riddell  (Unopposed,  Homeschool Parent)
District 65 Bert Jones  (Homeschool Parent)
District 67 Justin Burr
District 69 Dean Arp
District 70 Patricia Hurley
District 74 Debra Conrad
District 82 Larry G. Pittman (Former Homeschool Parent)
District 83 Linda Johnson
District 88 Rob Bryan
District 90 Sarah Stevens
District 91 Kyle Hall
District 93 Jonathan Jordan
District 98 John R. Bradford III
District 103 William Brawley
District 105 Scott Stone
District 118 Michele Presnell

  • NC Senate –
    District 1 Bill Cook
    District 2 Norman Sanderson
    District 12 Ronald Rabin
    District 18 Chad Barefoot
    District 19 Wesley Meredith
    District 26 Warren Daniel (Homeschool Parent)
    District 30 Shirley Randleman
    District 39 Dan Bishop
    District 47 Ralph Hise
    District 50 Jim Davis


Homeschool Endorsements

NCCHE sends out a questionnaire to all of the candidates that asks them about issues that affect the freedom to homeschool in North Carolina. They are a political action committee and are not affiliated with any homeschool support groups or other state groups.

The goal of this group is to defend and expand homeschool freedoms in North Carolina and they are doing this in the current election by providing information on candidates they have identified as pro-homeschooling. They can also collect donations to use towards support these pro-homeschooling candidates.

In the past, they have worked toward educating the state legislators about home education and worked toward stopping policies that could infringe on our rights as home educators.

Remember that today marks the voter registration deadline. You must be registered by today,  October 14, 2016, no later than 5 p.m. in order to vote in the upcoming election.

Please remember also that the above endorsements reflect only the candidates suitability based on their stance on homeschooling, you should always investigate their positions on the other issues that affect NC families as well.

You can visit the NCCHE Facebook page HERE to see more about this group and what they do.

Go HERE to check your voting district and see your sample ballot.

Thanks NCCHE for looking out for the interests of home educators in our state and holding our legislators accountable for their actions!

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