Love to Learn Homeschool Conference

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The 10th Annual Love to Learn Homeschool Conference will be August 6, 2016!

2016 Love to Learn Conference
Old Rock School
Valdese, NC

You will enjoy the conference and the location!

Photo of happy participants at a home educators' conference.


The Old Rock School is central to a vast region of homeschoolers and near to many beautiful and historic opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Located in picturesque Valdese, this historic location is within walking distance of many charming shops and driving distance to the beautiful North Carolina Mountains.

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The Love to Learn Homeschool Conference is the only inclusive homeschool conference in North Carolina.  This Conference focuses on homeschooling and homeschoolers. HA focuses on bringing up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased information concerning issues that affect the climate of homeschooling in North Carolina.

The Conference will provide a variety of speakers and sessions on a wide array of homeschooling topics. The Love to Learn Conference is sponsored by the Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina, Inc. A 501 (c)(3), non profit organization.

2016 Conference Sessions will include:

Jennifer Hoppins  speaking on Children’s Book Circles and the Power of Spontaneous Ideas in your Homeschool!  She will present this topic from a constructivist, project-based learning style, and will offer resources and ideas to help your home education environment be a dynamic, collaborative endeavor that draws out the spontaneous sparks living underneath the surface.

Tami Fox will speak on Using Unit Studies to Ignite Learning in Your Homeschool. Tami will tell you more about this great way to bring fun into your homeschool while helping your child retain information and how to teach multiple ages.  Then Tami, an experienced homeschool mom, will present the basics on How to Get Started Homeschooling and give you strategies and thoughts on beginning your homeschool.

Cindy Gaddis  will speak about Understanding the Right Brained Child, Exploring Freedom and also The Collaborative Learning Process: A Strengths-Based Education Approach to help you homeschool your children with all their different learning needs and help them find their gifts and work from their strengths!

Lisa Jillani will present very important information on the Legal Exemptions to Vaccinations. Know what constitutes a medical and religious exemption to vaccination. This session will provide information on your legal exemption rights to vaccination in NC and how to claim an exemption. Sample exemption letters will be provided. Lisa will also go over the history of S346 & H589: Proposed bills that affect our right to choose our own healthcare!

Lori Barklage speaks about un-schooling and her family as well as how to find all the energy we need to teach our kids at home!

Gina Grothoff   will point us to Charlotte Homeschooling: Finding Resources, Support and Making Connections and will talk about her Homeschool Journy and child-led learning.

These important topics and more, will be at the Love to Learn Conference. Rejuvenate your homeschool with fresh ideas and resources while you empower your family by knowing the laws that affect you.


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