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2016 Homeschool Spirit Week!

September 26 – 30 is International Homeschool Spirit Week for 2016.

Get your homeschool ready to show some homeschool spirit by doing up that crazy hair, putting on those super hero capes and sharing about what movies you are watching on movie day or how you are giving back to your community!

I guess we have to make sure we are “Out and About” when we are doing these things???

Your Homeschool and your Homeschool Group or Co-op can participate – sign up HERE and show your homeschool spirit of solidarity!

I know that this kind of coordination can be hard for some of us maverick homeschoolers, but the event gives us an excuse to watch movies all day, dye our hair pink and wear capes- so there is that.

For some of us, that just describes a typical homeschool day, however there are those of us who need an excuse.

Plan fun activities for each day of the week – I can’t wait for Movie Day, because I never get to pick the movies and I am totally controlling the remote since it is school!

This year, the Homeschool Spirit Days themes were selected by the homeschoolers who voted at the International Homeschool Spirit Week website:

  • Monday, September 26th- Crazy Hair Day (Pink, Blue, Spiked?)
  • Tuesday, September 27th- Out and About Day (Out – you mean of the house? Can I wear my PJ’s??)
  • Wednesday, September 28th- Super Hero Day (Capes! No tights for me!)
  • Thursday, September 29th- Movie Day (pop some popcorn and turn on Netflix!)
  • Friday, September 30th- Giving Back Day (How can we help make our community better?)

National Homeschool Spirit week is crazy fun and you can celebrate it every school year during the 4th week of September.

Be sure to find them on Facebook, follow on Twitter and Instagram so you can share your pics and tweets.

Use the hashtag:  #hssw2016 and make it easy for other homeschoolers to search for what you are all doing during Spirit Week 2016!

Please do not disappoint me when I search that hashtag, people – let’s make sure that NC Rocks Homeschool Spirit Week!!



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