Information for Davie County Homeschoolers About Driver's Education

Updated Information for Davie County Home Educators

I heard back from County Commissioner, Mark Jones. He spoke with Dr. Hartness this afternoon about his requested information, and according to Mr. Jones, Dr. Hartness indicated he got the information on homeschools in Davie County in order to communicate to our families about the issue of driver’s education.

Because of the temporary defunding he felt there was a lot of confusion and wanted home educators in our community to know the program was available to homeschool families again!

Mark mentioned that his conversation with Dr. Hartness was very positive.


Homeschoolers in Davie can expect further communication about the availability and scheduling of Driver’s Education for homeschool students at some time in the near future.

Don’t forget to thank Commissioner Jones for being proactive in getting this information for us so quickly and for being an advocate for home educators in Davie County.

Sig Fallish

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