How to Verify Homeschool Registration

Homeschool Registration in NC

You may need to verify that your homeschool was “official” at some point in your lifetime, or your children may need to verify it for employment or further education, down the road.

Now that so many people are homeschooling their kids all the way through high school (way to go!), we are all working out one of the unintended consequences of home education – lost school records!

I have had a couple of people ask me about verifying their homeschool many years after it has been closed and their children have graduated.

Believe it or not, some employers and colleges still need that “official” information for their records. One student had attended and received her Associates degree at a local community college and yet the employer had to have verification for their records that her homeschool had been a valid NC home school.

I called the NCDNPE last week and spoke with our new Director, Diane Allen about this and other issues. She was really helpful, very knowledgeable (she is an experienced educator and has homeschooled) and she was reassuring about this issue too.

The NCDNPE will try to locate our homeschool information even many years from now. If you can tell them the county you were in and your school name or your administrator’s last name, they will find it for you.

  • Contact the NCDNPE before your potential employer does. Then you can give the potential employer the correct information about your school if they need to contact the state directly to verify your school. For example; if the school was set up under a different address or county than your current one, different last name from the student or if the school name on the diploma doesn’t match the school name in the NC system, DNPE may not be able to verify that your homeschool was valid
  • Call NCDNPE and verify all the correct information before you tell a potential employer to call them.
  • Even if your homeschool has been closed, the DNPE will attempt to find your NOI information on their database.

Diane assured me that although it may take them longer if you can’t remember all your old information, they will work with you to make sure your student gets that verification.

NC Division of Non-Public Education’s phone number: 919-733-4276

Most of the time, for colleges or bosses, all you will need is a copy of the Verification printed out (see directions below) or your old NCDNPE Homeschool card, but for times that you need someone at the State level to verify your homeschool, it is great to know that they keep the listing of homeschools pretty much indefinitely.

Homeschool Administration Tips

Record keeping is a necessary evil. A little extra time now will save a great deal of loss and headache in the future.

As a home educator, you will be the one who needs to provide grades, course descriptions and transcripts for your child when they need them.

Diane offered a couple of great tips to help us all avoid having to call the NCDNPE ten years from now; (or our kids having to call after we are dead when they can’t find their homeschool ID # in our home school’s records)

  • Put your Homeschool ID # on the back of the transcript copy or the Diploma that you issue to your kids. They can then access the NCDNPE information and print out their information/confirmation online, or call NCDNPE with the homeschool ID number to easily verify their homeschool.
  • Get your Homeschool transcripts or Diploma notarized. Often this kind of seal is enough to placate the need for “official” documentation that home educators regularly have to  provide to colleges, other schools and to employers.
  • A tip from me – keep those homeschool records backed-up. Use a cloud program that offers free storage (don’t forget the password) or even better, keep copies on an external drive and put that thumb drive into your fire proof safe or where-ever you keep other important documents. Keep backed up copies of these docs if you have them: attendance, report cards, homeschool verification print outs, high school and college transcripts, co-op class grades, course descriptions (or a syllabus) for your high school home ed program, college app. information such as personal essays, high school and community college diplomas, course certificates, test scores. Anything important to do with homeschooling can be scanned and added to your back up copy so you can keep them forever, because that is how long you will need to keep them: for-ever!

Two Family Homeschools

In NC we can homeschool another family’s children once we open up our homeschool.

Getting and keeping that ID# and/or homeschool record information is very important if your student is homeschooling with another family, or if you are homeschooling someone else’s child.

Years from now, that young person may living in another state, or country and they will need to access their educational information when they need it.

If they have their homeschool ID info, it will be easy for the NCDNPE to locate the record of their homeschool and verify that their school was registered with the state.  The student may even still be able to access it themselves online with the correct information.

You will still need to make sure all the kids you homeschool (yours and others) have copies of all the records I mentioned above.

The NCDNPE will verify our registration as a homeschool, but it is our responsibility to be sure that our students have a record of their education.

Homeschool Discounts

Educator discounts are another reason people may ask you to verify your homeschool.

Once you have completed your Notice of Intent to Homeschool, sent the NCDNPE the required documentation, and received confirmation from them that your Homeschool has been registered in the State of North Carolina, you are entitled to many of the same discounts and special services that educators in our state receive.


Homeschools Get Discounts!

Homeschoolers Get Educators’ Discounts


How to Get Educators’ Discounts

Stores and places that offer discounts will require you to identify yourself as an official North Carolina Home Educator.

An easy way to do that is right on the NCDNPE WEBSITE.

You can print out an Official Non-Public School Registration Record which verifies that you have properly registered your homeschool with the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education.

At the main page for Home Schools, you will see sections for Information, Homeschool Forms, etc. – you need to click on the section under Home School Forms that says “Print a Homeschool Verification Record”, or click on that pretty blue link to go right there and do it.

Once there, enter your Last Name and Homeschool ID #. The number should be on your confirmation email from the NCDNPE, or if you have been doing this for a while, like me, it is on the old inspection by mail gray colored cards, on the address section next to your county.

If you can’t locate that number, you can easily retrieve your Homeschool ID online HERE. (Thank You NCDNPE!)

Printing Your Homeschool ID Card

This verification only lets people know that you have set up a homeschool and that your school is listed with the State.

What is so Great About a Homeschool ID Card?

  1. Homeschool ID gets you  educator discounts at stores, museums and events, sometimes even free entry
  2. This card is online where you can re-print it as needed!
  3. Previous printable cards were only valid through a certain school year, but the new one only has the date you printed it (no expiration), so you won’t have to try to remember to print out a new one each year.
  4. This card is online where you can print it out when you need too! (yes, I know I repeated myself)

That is right – you can print out the card!

We no longer have to fear risking our lives in a house fire to run in after our peach/orange/salmon/Mercurochrome (what the heck color is that cardstock anyway NC?) colored card that verified our NOI. Woohoo!

Some of you will remember the “you-will-only-be-issued-one-card-ever-so-hold-on-to-it-with-your-life-and-don’t-lose-it-at-the-zoo!” days, along with me!

Printing Tips

The current card is a simple black and white format with all your homeschool information on it: County, School Name, ID #, Administrator Name, Address and School Type.

  1. It prints out in a large format –  (almost 6 X 6 inches) so it is nearly square.
  2. You can print it out on whatever color card stock you want!
  3. Laminate it, (you know you want to)
  4. Resize, print it and make it into a more manageable card size to fit in your wallet
  5. Now it is smaller, but you should still laminate it
  6. If you don’t have a laminator, I bet you can get a discount on one with this card!

I used a screen shot application (Awesome Screenshot) to turn my card into a jpg file which I can keep on my computer and back-up on my external drive.

I can also shrink it easily in any editing program, or make a giant size to use as a coloring page – I probably wouldn’t, but it is nice to know that if I wanted to, I could.

Click HERE to go to the NCDNPE website and print out that record for your homeschool.




Discounts and Free Stuff

In North Carolina, your homeschool ID card will get you in to the NC Aquariums and the Zoo free. Simply register two weeks in advance. See their websites (Field Trips Listings on this website) for other details.

I will be adding to the list of places that will give you a discount, or a teacher’s discount card for their stores, discounts on trips or museums, computer and even software programs.

If you want to contribute to this page, please send me your discount information and I will list it here so other home educators can enjoy the privileges of educator discounts and free stuff!

Educators’ Discounts