Community Service Opportunity for Davie Homeschoolers

Davie Youth Representatives

Two local committees  are looking for youth representatives.

Both the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council ( JCPC) and the Community Collaborative committee want to invite homeschoolers ages 16-18 to participate as student representatives.

These students would be voices for the young people of Davie County.

Both committees look for ways to serve the youth in Davie effectively and bring resources to Davie county that will help our young people deal with the issues they face.

Student representatives will be responsible to sit on the councils. The collaborative meets the third Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m. at the Davie County Wellness Center and the JCPC meets monthly on a Friday at 12 p.m. at the board room at Central Davie on Campbell Road in Mocksville (lunch is provided).

Homeschooled youth who may want to take part in one or both of these committees should EMAIL or call 336-751-2491 ext. 1075 and speak with Jackie White to let her know of your interest.

These are both great opportunities for home educated students to volunteer and give back to their community while adding service hours to their high school experience!


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