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Changes & Challenges

High school can bring changes and challenges for every student and parent, but for home educators, they can sometimes seem overwhelming.

As the new school year starts for your homeschooled high schooler, it can feel like it did when you first waded into the homeschool stream and got your feet wet.

This year, we who home educate our high school students are all dealing (again) with changes to the S.A.T. and now, changes to the F.A.F.S.A. , as well as all the normal changes that go along with preparing our young adults for college and for all the adulting they will be doing in the future.

You are the parent, the teacher, and the guidance counselor – all rolled up into one tightly wound package.


…don’t panic and don’t rush to squeeze every bit of knowledge you can into their brains. You still have four years and, no, you didn’t screw up their lives.

If they are seniors, you need to trust them and the learning experiences you have given them over the years. Even if they have been in public school for many of those years, you have always been an important part of their education.

Remember to take time and enjoy your teen – they are great people.

Grab a cup of coffee with them and listen to the music they like. Really listen when they tell you all about it and why they love their favorite band.

Spend time with them.

Discuss religion, economics, and politics.

Keep going on those field trips!

Hang their art on the wall.

Find projects and events for them to organize, or help them start a club for teens who love the same hobbies they do.

Let their band play in the garage.

Don’t forget why you decided to homeschool…now take a deep breath and dig into that FAFSA information and go and sign them up to take the new SAT.

That wasn’t so bad was it?

You got this, but if you want help to get them college ready, it is out there. In fact,  if you are in Davie County, it is just down the road at the 4-H Extension Office:


 College Prep Workshop

Are you College Ready?

Come to the College Prep Workshop on Saturday, September 17, 1 – 3 p.m. at 180 South Main Street in Mocksville, NC 27028, and you will be!

Students will learn in a hands-on workshop environment with guidance from 4-H agent, Hannah Elmore.

They will learn skills to help them with:

  • Filling out a college application
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Creating a Resume so they stand out from the crowd
  • Writing their personal statement

Students will practice and will get resources to take home with them.

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This is a program all high schoolers will benefit from.

Please RSVP with the number attending by September 9 at 4:30 p.m. – contact the extension office at 336-753-6100 or EMAIL.

Deadline to RSVP is Friday September 9, 2016 – please RSVP right away. If there are not enough students, the event may be cancelled.

Visit the Davie County 4-H website HERE for all the details and be sure to share it with your friends, we can all use a little help!

Stay Tuned for More High School Help!

It is so great to see homeschooling growing in North Carolina.

I really do believe it is an amazing form of education!

I am always happy to see how many people read the blogs here at NC Homeschoolology, and readership has really grown this year.

I especially love to hear from you – when you message me here, leave a comment or PM me on Facebook, to let me know that the website has been helpful, it keeps me doing it.

I have had so many questions about the “How to’s” of homeschooling and of homeschooling high school, that I will be adding more resources to help you find resources to help you with all those questions.

I have always had a lot of questions, so most of the time, I just share the stuff that I have found that answered those questions over the last seventeen years of homeschooling.

So if you have a ?????? – go ahead and ask, because I bet I had the same question too!

Thank you again for all your comments and questions, and especially for your words of encouragement!

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