Helpful Online Resources

Essay & Video Contest From ...

 2016-2017 Tech Revolution Essay & Video Contest The Stossel in the Classroom website sponsors an annual essay contest […]

Hands-on Computer Coding

Homeschool Computer Coding Curriculum Want to bring coding into your homeschool curriculum but have no clue how to code […]

Resources on the Website

How to Get Around the Website This website has many free resources including, information on how to homeschool […]

Free Audio Books and E-books

More Great Stuff from Pizza Hut’s Book-It! Program BOOKIT! registration is closed for the school year, (you can […]

Online Home Education Resources

Online Resources Online resources offer students educational opportunities that might not be available to them otherwise- and all […]


Online Classes Are Groovy

The fall 2015 class schedule has been posted at the Online Classes for Groovy Kids website. If you are […]

Free Trial and "Fast Transcripts"

Fast Transcripts is a great record keeping tool for those of us who teach high schoolers at home. This online software allows you to easily calculate your student's GPA each year and creates an official homeschool transcript. Simply enter your student’s course titles, grades, credit hours, and your grading scale, and Fast Transcripts will calculate a GPA for you (heavens - this was wonderful!) and create a transcript. It will calculate

Handicrafts Taught Online

Does your child have a desire to learn handicrafts that you just don't know anything about? You can sign your creative kiddo up for a class online at Craftsy. Have you always wanted to learn a certain craft? Check out this fun website that organizes online classes in every art or craft imaginable! Craftsy offers classes in sewing, crochet, quilting, embroidery, knitting, spinning weaving and other textile arts, as well as cooking, drawing, painting and other studio arts. (More than 600 Classes)


How to Update NCDNPE

The North Carolina Division of Non-public Education continues to make improvements to their website that make our lives easier in so many ways. Now home educators can now do almost all their reporting online, you can request a Driver's Eligibility form online for your teens, print out a Homeschool teacher's card, and you can verify or update your homeschool information at their website too. You can still give them a call at